Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Found Prints

Recently my mother presented me with some old photo's she had found that dated from 1979-83.
 These were my first images with an SLR camera, and were processed if I remember by Horizon Photo in the UK on Kodak paper most are 3.5"x5"
They have survived pretty well and are some of the first colour pictures I took, I've put the film info under each shot.
Kodacolor II 100 about 1980 Canon AV1; 50mm ƒ1,8

Kodacolor II 100 1981 Canon 70-210ƒ4

Kodacolor II 100

Kodacolor II 100

Kodacolor II 100 1979

Kodacolor II 100 Canon 50mm ƒ1,8

Kodak VR1000 test 1983

Fujicolor F100 1982
When scanning I didn't correct colours or density and I've tried to make the on screen look as close to the 35 year old prints as possible.

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