Friday, August 11, 2006

As the inexorable march of digital technology penetrates deeper into the world of photography, why are there still proponents of the 'old way' what makes film so special?

This blog will mainly concentrate on my love affair with the photographic image captured on silver.

Why "Photo Utopia?" I hear you ask.

Utopia is an unrealistic goal for society as outlined in the book 'Utopia" by Sir Thomas Moore in the 16th Century, and is such has a double meaning which is derived from two Greek words: Eutopia (meaning 'good place') and Outopia (meaning 'no place')
The common English language usage is:

"The word UTOPIA stands in common usage for the ultimate in human folly or human hope – vain dreams of perfection in our lives.

Hence with "Photo Utopia" being the struggle for Photographic perfection, as a photo is a facsimile of reality this is an unobtainable goal.
But I have fun trying!

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