Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Found Kodachrome

Here are a few Kodachrome slides from the early 1960's that I recently found, for a larger image just click on the photo.

Sponge Seller, Athens, August 1966
I have attempted to display them as found with little or no colour correction or spotting and damage removal.

Fish Stall, Vico Equense, Italy, September 1963
Some old cars in this scene an oval window (1953-57) VW Beetle in a street probably Barcelona 1964

Spain 1964
This one is Rome looking towards St Peters, no date stamp and 'KODACHROME'

Rome mid 1960's ?
These slides had been stored in a box which was in storage since the late 1970's! There are a few more to sort though which I may share in a later post.