Monday, August 13, 2012

The Artist Zacron

The following text and images are a tribute to the artist Zacron whose best known work is the Album cover for Led Zeppelin III.
© Zacron
I recently discovered that my friend the artist died in January of this year, his death wasn't announced until this August which is why I'm only now posting this tribute to him.
I first met him at an artists exhibition about ten years ago, a larger than life character in a white suit and hat. We chatted briefly about art and photography both of which he was notably passionate, about the changes that were happening in the world of photography, digital cameras, photoshop and how this had caused a change in my work.
Later that year we met again at a party where I offered to help him set up a digital workstation in his studio, I still remember his flamboyant 'that would be marvellous' answer to my offer of help in teaching him Adobe Photoshop.
   I spent many hours with him at his studio discussing art and photography as well as helping him learn Photoshop, something he took to like a duck to water. 
He was a very talented guy who worked with all types of media, never shy of learning new methods or mixing them with old ones. He had a keen interest in all sorts of subjects from the artistic education of students through to music and film (he had a fantastic cinema in his house).
He was a kind and thoughtful man, great artist and friend, I will miss him very much–god bless you Richard.

The devil is in the detail
© Photo Utopia 2008
In the workshop
© Photo Utopia 2008

With the famous 'rotator' in the background
© Photo Utopia 2008
Rock & Roll Soul
© Photo Utopia 2008

I took these images back in October 2008 with my Rolleiflex loaded with Neopan 400. 

© Photo's and text Photo Utopia