Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In a Creative Rut?

Just visiting places can give inspiration

Creativity can be a pain, when you have it you might not have the time to execute it, when you're at a loose end you can lack drive, vision and inspiration.
Some people buy new cameras and lenses when they experience these 'becalmed' periods in their lives others just sit them out or do something else like take in others creative output looking for that spark to ignite the fire.

Last year I had a creative block, as you'll see by the lack of posts. Of course its happened before as photographers we're not machines so when this happens I'm happy to sit it out, buy a few books; look at exhibitions of others work etc.
No point in shooting if you can't connect with the creative ghost inside.

Don't Panic
I do however, have a little modus that works for me during these times; it is a regimen that might seem to some a little rigid-- I'll try to explain.

I have a book full of projects. When all is well and the creative juice is fully flowing I look at subjects I wish to explore, it might be a portrait of a friend who has an interesting skill that you can capture. It might be a landscape that you want to take, one that inspires you or intrigues. It could be an object like a book or flower that would make a good still life.
Place the idea in the book, limit yourself to 10-12 shots and try to think about the time,  choice of film, camera type.

The more you see the more ideas are generated. I go for long walks in the countryside, look for interesting angles and subjects record them in the book of future projects or snap them with a phone for future reference.
The more you see and experience the better as your downtime will be shorter, sometimes these breaks will be followed by a renewed frenzy of artistic activity.
Hope this post proves helpful.