Friday, April 17, 2015

Rolleiflex factory sale

I recently read that the Rolleiflex factory was being liquidated, this might come as no surprise to some as sales must have been small, I bet not many were aware that you could even buy a new Rolleiflex in 2015!
Still the passing of one of the all time greatest camera designs should be at least noted and even celebrated for the iconic status the camera achieved.
The list of great photographers that used these wonderful camera's is a long one, celebrated British photographer David Bailey said if he could just have one camera it would be a Rolleiflex.
Personally I feel an incredibly lucky to have owned and used one for many years, these cameras are a joy to own and use, there are no automated features to fall back on you really do make images with this camera; like flying a single seated aircraft you are on your own with your skill will define the way the image will look, no auto anything.
Life is too short not to have shot with a Rolleiflex, I have two and hopefully they will last me the rest of my life.
Here are some images from the liquidator of the Rollei factory

CNC Lathe

It's sad to see it all go, and know that an era has passed I guess that's what some call progress.