Monday, May 19, 2008

Film Is Not Dead....

I've stumbled on this site I'd like to share with anyone who hasn't seen it.
It called Film is not dead it just smells funny They have a good selection of analogue photographers and display some quite lovely work.
Here is what they say about their site.

"A place for photographers who are NOT using a digital camera.
With this web site we are trying to give analogue photographers a place to show their work to the world.
We do not hate digital photography , for our daily work we use it all the time.
But after using digital for a few years we are slowly going back to analogue.
There is more life in it, it’s more vibrant, not flat not “dead”. And the process of using film is so interesting, challenging and rewarding.
So let this be a showcase for photographers who think that “ Film is not dead it just smells funny"

I hope you enjoy their site, its good to know there's a few others out there who are gradually going back to film....
After a short time dead the link should now work the site seems to be called the International Analogue Photographic Society (Film is not dead it just smells funny)