Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Found Film Photographers

I've decided to do a regular feature on photographers whose work I like or admire who still use film.
One of the most often asked questions is why do you still use film-isn't everyone using digital?
That seems to be the perception, which of course is quite wrong, there are many photographers using film because of its unique qualities– I hope to find a few gems to share.

First up to the plate is David Richardson who came to my attention though his Flickr page.
He is based in London, England and has what I would describe as a retro glamour style.
I asked him about his Photography, here is a short interview:

Photo Utopia: Why shoot film?
David Richardson: "I started shooting film for an exhibition I was part of. The theme was travelling light, so I got photos of a friend semi naked on the metropolitan line. After that I used digital a bit more for shoots I was doing but there was always a significant difference in the quality between them. In the end I wished some photos I'd already taken were film. So I didn't want to compromise in the future"

PU: What are your favourite film stock/s?
DR:"I shoot mostly portraiture so Kodak Portra NC is my favourite choice. But sometimes other films offer something different. I used ancient 25 year old film for the band Kap Bambino as I wanted a grungy aesthetic. Tri-x is gorgeous and I love using natural light and grain so I go for iso 800 films when I can".

PU:What photographer do you admire most?
DR: "I am a massive fan of Bob Richardson and Anders Petersen are my favorites. I am also very into Nick Waplington. But it changes from day to day".

PU:How long have you been shooting film?
DR: "Well my girlfriend at the time got me a Yashica T5 at a flea market in Amsterdam around Xmas 2008. I still love that camera, it's a toughie!

PU:What are your future plans?
DR "I wanted to sort out an exhibition and get an agent and I guess keep going on and enjoying. I'm in the middle of editting my first music video on super 8. So more of that too"

Thank You David.

Here is a link to David's impressive Flickr gallery.

Link To David Richardson on Flckr