Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kodak Release New T-Max 400

The Title says it all really, Today Kodak published a press release on their website here confirming the release of the new Tmax 400, according to Kodak it is the finest grain 400 speed film in the world.
T-MAX 400 now stands alone as the world’s finest grained and the world’s sharpest 400-speed black-and-white film, offering photographers a level of clarity normally only available from a 100-speed film.

Soon as I can get my hands on some I'll do a test, I'm not sure how long until the film is at retailers, Kodak seems to say December.

One thing is for sure this is big news, especially for those who like myself love traditional photography.


John Owen said...

What a great site and thanks for your film tests, both archived and forthcoming ones. As a result, I'm getting in a (dying) batch of Agfapan 400 before it goes altogether.

Photo–Smith said...

Hi John
I guess that would be the batch at 7 day shop?
Retro photographic have the APX 100 as well, film I really like.
The two films I'm testing at the moment are Rollei scanfilm 400, a colour film without orange mask and Fortepan 100.

Soon also to try Adox pan 25, and Adox CMS 20 two very high res films.
Also I'd like to do a piece on some defunct films-Agfa Dia Direkt B&W slide and Kodak Tech pan, also Kodak colour IR films that have recently been deleted.

So much film...
Have fun!!

Charlie Wood said...

Hello Mark

Heve you seen that post on APUG about the macophoto film that is supposed to be a direct replacement for TP?
I am looking foward to your test of the new Adox 25 asa film, I have 4 rolls in the fridge.
I found that CHS 25 is also good in dilute microdol and paterson fx39 (acutol)

Photo–Smith said...

Hi Charlie, Yes I've seen it, Robert Vonk posted an example, it looked OK although I'll have to reserve my judgement until I can try it.

At the moment I'm testing the Rollei scanfilm CN400 that review is underway should be done in about 10 days (need second roll back from lab).
Adox 25 is after that, probably November then the Fortepan.
CHS is nice I like it in Rodinal 1:100 although I'll bet it looks nice in Microdol, Is it more 'contrasty' in Acutol?
I used to love APX 25 in that stuff-Oh the memories.
Have fun!

Charlie Wood said...

Among the fish fingers I have a little stash of 35mm APX25 very nice film indeed.

If you develop CHS25 in very dilute acutol (1-19 I think) it does a very good job of controlling the contrast and has goon compensating action to.
If you look in my APUG gallery the first picture I posted is acutol and chs 25, my U/N is charlie-j