Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Early Kodachrome film test

The following is an amazing test of Kodachrome colour movie film from 1922, of course its silent but quite beautiful.
This test predates the commercial introduction of the film by about 12 years, and is possibly the earliest colour movie film-certainly the earliest I've seen.
Later this year Kodachrome will be no more, thank you Kodak for the wonderful historic emulsion, I'm glad I got to shoot it.
Enjoy the film.


jasonxyouth said...

such a beautiful video!

Noons said...

One of the things that always baffled me with old films such as this is why does the lighting sort of pulsate? Never found a convincing explanation.
Lovely find, thanks heaps for showing it.

Photo–Smith said...

Noons I think it is down to the mechanical shutters,more likely their accuracy as I think cameras of that age were hand cranked some showed speed changes.