Sunday, September 16, 2012

Photokina 2012 news (analogue edition)

New Film Cameras and Film

Adox Silvermax

From the Adox website:
SILVERMAX contains about double the silver compared to regular films which enables it to build up higher DMAX and reproduce up to 14 zones in our dedicated SILVERMAX Developer.
This way SILVERMAX catches it all for you from the brightest highlights to the deepest shadows.
SILVERMAX is incredibly sharp due to the anti-halation layer between the emulsion and the base which also helps enhance detail contrast.
SILVERMAX features an extremely fine grain, comparable to tabular-crystal films.
The speed and covering effect comes from the high silver content.
SILVERMAX is coated onto clear triacetate and can be reversal processed. 

Made in Germany.

(Note: this film is made in a separate factory to the Adox branded EFKE films so is unaffected by the recent closure of Fotokemika)

The film will only be available in 35mm 135/36 format

New Rolleiflex TLR

The new Rolleiflex FX-N has a re-designed Heidosmat 2,8/80mm viewing lens coupled with a Rollei S-Apogon 2,8/80mm taking lens. 
Most of the specifications are the same as the old FX model; the N designating the new viewing lens which enables the camera to focus to a closer focus distance of 55cm.
Most of you who read this blog will know how much I like my Rolleiflex cameras, and it's really good news to hear the about the introduction of new cameras after the problems the company had a while back. 
They also introduced a new version of their Hy6 model

Although the image shows the digital back the camera can accept a roll film back giving studio photographers the option of shooting film as well as digital.

New 110 Films from Lomography

Lomography Tiger Colour & Orca Black and White 110 Films

All you 110 camera fans can now rejoice with the introduction of these new films from our favourite low-fi vendor, further info can be found on the Lomo website
Lomography also introduced several new cameras a 110 fisheye plus a LC-Wide compact camera with with a 17mm lens–Link here. Also interestingly a Lomokino movie camera:

 The camera will take a 144 frame move on any 35mm film link here

Impossible Project PX 70 film

The new PX 70 and PX 680 Colour Protection film Impossible takes a huge step in terms of ease of handling and image quality. An innovative colour protection formula improves the opacification process, finally allowing for easy shooting without the need for immediate shielding of the photos.

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David W. Sumner said...

In a previous post you indicated that Fotokemika, in Croatia, produced Adox film and that it will be stopping production of all its films. Is Adox Silvermax something different?

Photo–Smith said...

Absolutely. The CHS Art range were made by Fotokemika and badged Adox these are no more. The other films in the Adox range are made in Germany and are not affected by the Croatian companies demise.

Somak Ray said...

Wish Rollei had made a 35 mm panoramic back like the Bronica

David Luttmann said...

Can't wait to give the Silvermax a try.