Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Agfa CT Precisa E6 film

This particular film can be found very cheaply in quite a few outlets, and although 'Agfa' by name is a totally different film from the boxes you may find of CT Precisa with the Agfa rhombus logo from before the bankruptcy most of which will be out dated by now.
This film is in fact made in Japan by Fuji and is actually a pretty good emulsion in its own right, probably very similar to RDP.

One of the things I've always liked about Fuji films is the way they render European skin tones, they accentuate the sun tan and coupled with the nice saturation give nice tones.

warm skin tones and good saturation
Beach huts in Blue

The colour saturation and to my eye accurate rendering of tones and colour make this film a little bit of a bargain, well worth getting a roll if you've never used E6.


Urban Hafner said...

I love it, too! It's rumored to be Provia. Works fine cross processed (when exposed at ISO 200), too. I always have a few rolls in the freezer.

Photo–Smith said...

Hi Urban
I'm sure it is Provia, whatever its a bargain. I have access to both a Leica and Kodak projector-possibly after the summer I'll do a retro slide show for the family....
Take care

Marcus Peddle said...

I recently started using this film in my Zeiss-Ikon and I was pleasantly surprised by the very good colour. I might not buy the twice as expensive (in Korea) Provia again but I haven't compared large prints yet. Have you printed at 8x10 or larger?