Monday, May 11, 2015

Better Than Real Life

Those were the words used by my daughter while looking through the waist level finder of my Rolleiflex TLR. She found herself captivated by the large viewfinder 'it looks just like a film (movie) - like watching your life on a cinema'
'Can I have a camera like this one'?

The large reasonably bright screen with built in magnifier is a very attractive system, the focus 'pops' in nicely and is especially easy with the built in magnifier.
The viewfinder shows the minimum depth of focus, so some imagination is needed to judge the sharpness through the finder although there is a DOF indicator on the focus knob.
The only other caveat is the laterally inverted image which makes it harder to track moving objects as everything is reversed left to right.

That said the view is marvellous and has a three dimensional tangibility that makes it look like a focussed window on your world.

To quote someone seeing it for the first time "It's better than real life"

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