Monday, October 16, 2006

Back to the Future

Kodachrome, ah yes that wonderful historic slide film! The first roll I used was about 25 years ago, it came back after two weeks in rounded corner card mounts, later in the 1980's they replaced them with plastic, OK but not as tactile.
Last week I received the first film back from the USA (previously Switzerland) and they seem to have gone retro!
Early comparisons with European processed Kodachrome are favourable, with a slightly cooler colour palette overall, this is only the first roll though, but so far I'm happy.

All text and images © Mark Antony Smith

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Charlie Wood said...

I just got some kodachromes back from kodak, I had to post the mailer to Switzerland they came back after 3 weeks (with a swiss post mark), the previous set of slides came back card mounted in a yellow plastic box, My latest slides came back in a little card box just like the ones they used in the 60'S I have I have been scanning my parents Kodachromes. The down-side to this packaging was my slides were covered in little bits of card trimmings and dust.