Monday, October 16, 2006

Printing My Images

Well I finally did it, I bought myself an ink-jet printer. After the recent closure of my favourite Pro-lab I was left in somewhat of a dilemma, just how was I going to get my images onto paper?
Previously I'd been more than happy with my Lab (I had worked there and was a partner for a few years), they'd supplied me with profiles for all their machines and their digital and conventional work was spot on.
I have had quite a bit of experience with printers of all kinds over the years and the thought of moving over to ink-jet printing wasn't something that worried me.
I had after-all been working with digital imaging for over ten years and my choice of printer would be one that I'd often used and seen good results from- the Epson R2400.
The order was duly placed with my retailer, along with some Epson Paper.
First impressions are good, especially the B&W mode which although isn't as good (with the papers I've tested) as a fine art silver print, is relatively free from colour artifacts.
The Epson canned profiles are quite good when printing though Photoshop, description here
All that needs to be done now is to find a good exhibition grade "B&W silver gelatin look" paper, one that gives me the depth that I used to get from my wet darkroom.

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joshua said...

have you tried piezography printing with multiple gray inks? it sounds like it might be a benefit to you because you do mostly black and white. I haven't tried it myself i send my printing to a lab but i've seen good reviews