Thursday, June 07, 2007

Attention Googlers!!

I have noticed in my site stats that quite a few people are looking for info after being sent here by Google.
These people tend to stay for a couple of seconds, as unknown to them this site has over 40 pages, and if its not the first or second item their time is up (and they're off).
I have two things to help:
Firstly, in the sidebar is a search box entitled 'Search this blog' Hopefully this will allow you to find what you came here for.
Secondly, a common reason for people hitting this site via google is when searching for a film development time, I have placed a link to help in the sidebar called 'Film Dev Times'.
This will send you though to the "Digital Truth" Massive Dev chart, where you just select your film and developer combination.
Hope this helps–
Mark Antony


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
One of the problems with blogs and search engines is that by default the search engines index the slippery pages like your front page (where the content rotates as fast as you write content).

The solution is to have the search engines not index the front page and other variable-content pages, but only the permalink pages. That way, only those pages show up in search results, and users are sent to the same content they expect.

I described my experiences with this here:

Photo–Smith said...

Thanks Jeffrey I'll try and do that, I've found that people google 'Adox CHS 100' get up my page visit my blog, see Fuji 400X then click the back button.
Most Googlers stay on my site for 2-5 secs even if the info they google for is in the blog-