Friday, June 01, 2007

Ebay acquisition

A rainy cold day, not much to do except look into a few forums, and check out if any interesting finds are listed on Ebay.
Whilst searching for Agfa film I came across the above item for $4.99, and thought 'why not' and was the highest bidder (well the only bidder).
My buy is an Ansco/Agfa Ultra-speed film from 1941.
I'll be interested to see what condition the film is in, I'll bet it is not going to be usable as it went out of date 66 years ago and probably has the 'vinegar syndrome' that afflicts so many films of its age.
If there is any result I'll be sure to post here, if not I'll have a nice tin to keep odds and ends in.

©Mark Antony Smith 2007

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