Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Looking for clues

More images from the 1941 Agfa Ultraspeed bought on ebay.
The reason for the hiatus between developing the next batch was in order to get a more suitable developer, and after seeking advice from a few people (thank you) i settled on Ilford ID11 (Kodak D76) at stock dilution.
The main reason for this was to minimise grain and as it was pointed out to me that it is similar to Agfa 17 the developer recommended on the enclosed data-sheet.
anyhow here's some images:

Cherry eater

There are more on my Pbase account (link in sidebar)
Well I think I've found where these images were shot. On the wall under the 'Naval' banner is a smaller banner which says 'Camden Post Office Club' I think it is highly likely that it is Camden NJ that we are seeing as it is only a short distance from Reading PA (where I bought the film)
We know when, what City, who...
I'm digging..
So far I may know one name the man seated in the lower picture, I'm waiting for confirmation from a local historian
keep digging..
© Mark Antony Smith 2007


Edward S. Isaacs said...

Ghosts coming back to life.

Charlie Wood said...

The ID11 has greatly improved the quality of the images, you have got less grain and much better contrast. I was right in guessing a works do.
Do you know how much exposed film you have in your tin?


Photo–Smith said...

Well at a guess Charlie, 2-3 rolls.
of course The rest may be blank, who can tell.

ID11 D76 is very similar to Agfa 17 the dev on the sheet inside the tin, so yes we can now see why rodinal was not favoured by 1930s 35mm users!
Thanks for your comments guys