Friday, August 03, 2007

Last of the 1940s film

Simply beautiful

This is the second roll, much better than the first with less fogging. One thing is for sure this guy was a very good photographer!
more later...

© Mark Antony Smith


Charlie Wood said...

What super photographs. What a find on Ebay!! Yes the photographer is very good indeed, He has got good exposures indoors. The photographs outside are really good. Have the outdoor shots yeilded a denser negative.
I wonder why the photographer did not develop the film??
The camera he is using looks to be a good peice of kit with a fast lens that is good and sharp.
I should think there is a good change the childern in the photographs may be still be around today??

Photo–Smith said...

Yes the photographer is very good, I too wonder why he never processed the film.
The second film has less fogging, you can read 'ultraspeed' in the rebate.
Thanks for you encouragement Charlie, you're right this sort of thing is addictive have you found the name of you soldiers?
take care

ensure said...

nice photographs

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David Anderson said...

Quite fascinating, thanks for letting us see all the new ones.

I also recently found an undeveloped roll of Tri-X from 1980 and got it processed. (It was one of my own, so no deep mystery and it even had a calendar in one shot giving me the year and from the event I could probably work out the date)

Anonymous said...

Great pics David, I love the guy (tony) pullover.
I have been given to develop 3 120 films 1 Plus X 1 Tri X and an Adox 'mit KB17" emulsion from the period 1955-58.
Guess this found film thing is contagious.
I'll blog about all my 'finds' soon but at the moment I'm pretty busy with weddings etc.
Mark (photo utopia)