Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Found Negatives

After some thought I think the above is the correct way round and the image below is reversed, I can't find a city hall in Lancashire that looks like this, possibly it's another municipal building.
During my little jaunts I sometimes come across interesting photographic items. Recently while at a car boot I found some old negatives lying among a pile of old cameras. They were 127 Kodak Verichrome Pan negs

They look to have been taken sometime in the early-mid 1960's and I think they were taken in a northern English city posibly Manchester or Liverpool, I really like the young lady holding her hand over her face-she has a mischievous look about her.
I think the woman on the far left is the relative/girlfriend of the photographer as she shows up in the next frame

Who knows where this frame is, but its certainly not a northern English town.

Lovely shots, when I find photos like this I often wonder what happened to the people


Michael said...

It's not Liverpool and the traffic appears to be driving on the right - so either the film is reversed or it's not the UK!

Photo–Smith said...

Yes I thought about that, but it looks a bit like Manchester town Hall although I've not been there for 20 years I remember it looking a bit like that.
I wonder wher? I'd imagine a few places in Northern Europe have that Victorian Gothic Architecture.

don said...

The tower look like, but is not, the one on the University of Manchester on Oxford Road. Not like the Manchester Town Hall at all. Interesting. There si some detail lost in the scan, name of shops and the logo on the truck in the bottom left corner that might help.

Photo–Smith said...

Of course I'm taking it that the negative is not reversed as I'm going by the watch on the girls arm.
If reversed it could be different!
I can't see the name on the shops I don't think the negative has the resolution.
I like the shot though has the feel of the 1960's